How to retire early as an MP: Support Brexit

Group photo of MPs elected on a “We should have left the EU” ticket, 2025? (CC UK Parliament / Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Group photo of MPs elected on a “We should have left the EU” ticket, 2025? (CC UK Parliament / Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The vast majority of young people in Britain think Brexit is a stupid idea. There is no reason to believe that the generation that starts voting in ten years’ time doesn’t think likewise. Meanwhile, it’s not hard to predict that Europe will be a prominent theme in general elections in the next couple of decades, perhaps longer. The upshot is that the best way to spell doom to your political career is to support Brexit.

British people have long political memories. A significant number of Brits, according to my experience, resent a politician or an entire party for what they did years ago. Now, Brexit would arguably be the single most harmful decision that UK politicians have inflicted on British people in our lifetimes. If there is one thing that today’s young generation will never forget, that is Brexit.

From these rather unproblematic premises follows a logical conclusion that should make our MPs think hard about what they’re doing. Whoever wants to sit in the Parliament in the 2020s and beyond would be ill-advised to support Brexit today. The Brexiteers and the complacents will be forever tainted in the eyes of today’s young voters. Whatever these politicians say in 2025, all that the public hears is the voice of someone who let them down in 2018.

An MP sitting in Parliament today can choose between supporting Brexit and acting in the national interest. Simultaneously, it’s a choice between supporting Brexit and having a political future. Not only conscience, but also self-interest, would tell an MP to support EU membership. I fail to understand why the choice seems so difficult to so many.

Juuso Järviniemi is the President of Young European Movement UK.

Press Release - Young European Movement UK launches new campaign against Brexit

The Young European Movement UK, Britain’s oldest pro-European youth organisation, has launched a new anti-Brexit campaign called “The 75 Percent”, which points to the UK government’s neglect of young people views on Europe.

Juuso Järviniemi, President of the Young European Movement, said:

“The overwhelming majority of young people want the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union. The young generation will be on the electoral roll for decades to come. We will not forget who wanted to sell us out. To support Brexit today is to condemn oneself to a lifetime of political irrelevance.

“Our local groups from Essex to Scotland consistently organise street stalls, rallies and other activities. Regardless of which part of the country you are in, we will be joining up young people who want to mobilise against Brexit.”

The campaign website has been launched at The campaign’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be found under @the75percent.

The campaign is mobilising young people, including students, across the country in collaboration with the European Movement UK.


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The Young European Movement UK (YEM UK), formed in 1972, is part of the European Movement UK. It is a non-partisan platform for under 35s to express their opinions on Europe. YEM UK is run by a network of enthusiastic members who volunteer their time to organise events, promote campaigns and work with partner organisations.