75% advocates for young peoples' views on Europe to be heard. Our members and supporters work tirelessly to hold politicians accountable, and to keep youth issues at the forefront of the Brexit debate. 


Our Mission

The government's approach to Brexit is highly undemocratic; they're acting like 80% of the country voted to leave the EU, not 52%. In particular, this leaves young people (75% of whom voted Remain) out of the Brexit debate. 75% will make sure that this stops now.

By reminding politicians of their responsibility to young people and gathering cross-party support, we aim to ensure that youth issues like freedom of movement, university funding, and Erasmus+ are not ignored by the Brexit negotiators.

‘With 75%, the pro-EU youth of Britain have the chance to change the outcome of Brexit. The next year will affect our lives for decades; so the time to act is now.’
— Eoin Burgin, Communications Director, YEM UK.

Our Story

The year 2018 will determine how the early adulthood of today’s young generation of Brits unfolds. Three quarters of young people have consistently expressed their will to stay in the EU. The 75% is the voice of these people.

A campaign by Young European Movement UK, the 75% mobilises grassroots youth movements across Britain to voice the young generation’s demand: Stop Brexit. We are the European generation.

We go out to be seen. We convince citizens. We influence MPs. We make it clear that our generation has a long political memory. We will be on the electoral roll for decades to come. Who supports Brexit today is condemned to a lifetime of political irrelevance tomorrow. We make that clear to the political class.

Young people have been ignored for more than a year and a half. In a country where the overwhelming majority of young people want EU membership, no other course of action than halting Brexit is sustainable policy. Supporting Brexit is inherently short-sighted. Politicians have purposely ignored this generation, thinking that they can keep us away from the European community where we want to belong. They can no longer afford to do so. It is time to take back control.

We have a mission; we have a deadline. Stand on the right side of history.

Join the 75%.